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Updated: April 5,  2019

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Just in -   SCARCE 1949-only 6454 Pennsy & Erie boxcars [w/ steps] in STAMPED original boxes.  TEST RUN 1950 Anniversary Set 773 Hudson w/ 2426W diecast tender -and- 2341 Jersey Central FM TrainMaster Diesel Locomotive.  Boxed 57 AEC Motorized unit w/ perfect window muntins,  Boxed +Master Carton 2355 Western Pacific F-3 Diesel Locomotives in Top collector condition.  Investment-grade blue body mold 2368 B&O F-3 AB in brick boxes.  Top notch early 624 C&O NW-II switcher boxed.  1937 700E scale Hudson locomotive in Display Condition.  Also available - early 1940's 700K scale Hudson (assembled) and 700EWX scale Hudson to operate on tubular track.   Original 1957 Lady Lionel Girl's Set.  Super Rare 715 Sunoco Scale Tank Car, Near-mint 2242 New Haven F-3's. Mint 6017-100 B&M caboose on black mold OB, MINT, boxed 6465-110 Cities Service Tank Car,  2337 Wabash GP-7 in super-scarce OB, 2023 Union Pacific Alcos in Master Carton, 2242 New Haven F-3's. 2056 Hudson locomotive, Boxed U.S. Navy set, incredible 2458 Penna. scale-detailed metal boxcar Test Run/OB, scarce BLACK barrel car - OB, Boxed LN 2550 Budd RDC mail-baggage trailer, American Flyer prewar 'O gauge 4321 0-6-0 Switcher w/ slope-back tender, X6454 ORANGE NYC boxcar/OB, 6464-425 New Haven Mint/OB, 6464-125 NYC in darker grey, incredible 6460-25 red-painted crane in OB, near-mint 1615 0-6-0 steam switcher, Mint 6468-25 NH automobile boxcar [scarce 1/2 serif variation], BOXED 313 bascule bridge. Near-mint 1615 switcher.  Incredible Santa Fe 204 & 208 Alco AA - OBs, Scarce 1938 '00 set components, Gunmetal 229E steam locomotive, flat-channel 253X super speedliners, scarce rubber-stamped 3814 prewar Merchandise Car, Mint, boxed GG-1's, boxed 6464-825 Alaska boxcars Types III & IV , Canadian Pacific set box, first-issue Santa Fe 2383 F-3s boxed, modern era Bicentenial Set and Century Club collection 773 Hudson, 2333 NYC F-3 diesels, 726 Berkshire, 671 Turbine, & 2332 GG-1 all mint boxed w/ display cases, paper, extras & matching boxcars and boxed 262 forklift set. 

Coming soon :   Allis Chalmers Scraper flat with incredibly-detailed, diecast scale AC scraper - the car as it should have been produced by Lionel sans cost-cutting measures instituted in the late 1950's

Welcome to the wonderful world of miniature trains of yesteryear.  Enough of those rugged, burly Lionel and American Flyer trains survived that you can still purchase quality investment-grade collector pieces and reasonably priced train items for operation. Whether you're interested in acquiring that special train item that you've been dreaming of,  recreating that Christmas layout from your youth, upgrading an existing collection, investing in one of the few highly valued collectibles which you can actually enjoy owning, selling your trains or having them appraised - you've come to the right place!

The Train Source deals primarily in the consignment sale of quality American-manufactured trains made beginning at the turn of the Century through the original Lionel Corporation's demise in 1969.  Our objective is to get the trains out of the attics, garages and basements in which they've been stored over the years and into the hands of folks who appreciate them either for display, investment and/or operation. 

Enjoy your journey through the wonderful world of "high-rail" railroading. 

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