We are always interested in selling good quality old trains, catalogues and train related items through the TrainXchange web page on Consignment.  As a first step, you should prepare a written inventory of your trains including item descriptions and Manufacturer's number [most engines and cars have numbers on them and can be further identified by their colors and roadname]. You can email your inventory to us at or fax it to us at  (713) 528-3350Be sure and include your telephone number so that we can contact you about your trains as soon as we review your list.

Existing Consignors Note:  We have set up a dedicated mailbox to facilitate communications with our existing consignors.  The e-mail address is

Shipping your Trains by UPS ground: Each item should be packed in its original box if it's available. [If the original box contained a liner[s] that's missing, wrap the item with a layer of tissue paper surrounded by bubble wrap before inserting it in its box.  It must be snug enough that it doesn't rattle around inside the box but not so over-wrapped that it tears the box apart.]  Items without original boxes should be wrapped in a layer of tissue paper with bubble wrap or thick newspaper wrapped tightly around it and taped.  Paper items, such as catalogues and instruction sheets, should be "sandwiched" between two pieces of cardboard [such as tablet backs] which are large enough to fully enclose them. 

  Once the individual items are wrapped and/or boxed, the heavy items [such as engines] and lighter items [including freight cars and accessories] should be packed in separate boxes [so that the heavy items do not crush the more fragile items]. Track, switches and transformers should always be shipped separate from the train items.  Fill all the empty space in the packed boxes with plastic "peanuts" or wadded-up paper before closing and sealing them.  UPS requires that these contents boxes be enclosed in a larger shipping box with a minimum 4" layer of peanuts or other packing material between the inner and the outer boxes.  UPS also requires that your return address be placed inside the sealed box as well as on the outside return address.  Parcels are insured for up to $200 unless you specify a higher amount.  Please e-mail us before you ship to obtain a valuation amount.

  Your packages can either be dropped off at a UPS shipping center, or, you can call UPS to arrange for pick-up from either your home or business [UPS generally charges a $5.00 pick-up fee unless you have an account with them].  Independently owned package centers can also ship your items, but they mark-up the shipping charges to make their profit.