We are always interested in purchasing old trains, catalogues and train related items. You may contact us to describe in detail what you have by phone (713) 528-3350, or Email us at We pay premium prices for boxed, top condition vintage train collections.  We are particularly interested in empty original boxes, dealer items, advertising, service tools and Service Station items.  Catalogues, paper goods, and Lionel boxes are also of interest . If your items warrant, we will travel to inspect them in person.

There are several alternatives for disposing of unwanted items. You can sell the item outright or make it available for on the TrainXchange website for Consignment Sale.  We also accept Trades for merchandise of the same quality and vintage.   In any event, the first step is to let us know what you have. Most engines and cars have numbers on them and can be further identified by their colors and roadname.

Consignor Note:  We have set up a new mailbox to facilitate communications with consignors.  The e-mail address is ""